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Having Pris' expertise guiding my remodeling endeavors for more than a decade has been an extraordinary stroke of luck. I deeply appreciate her keen sense of design, which not only aligns seamlessly with my personal style but also prevents unnecessary expenses. A hallmark of Pris's designs is her ability to elevate a simple wall into a captivating focal point, incorporating texture, color, lighting, and even architectural elements when feasible. Through my collaboration with her, I've witnessed a significant enhancement in both the ambiance of my surroundings and the value of my home. Working with her has been a delightful experience, as she navigates with professionalism and compassion.


I am grateful for Pris Nelson, who guided me through a whole-house remodel with boundless enthusiasm, professionalism, and exceptional creativity. Her coaching experience shone brightly as she helped me navigate numerous decisions, listened attentively, and asked insightful questions to clarify my preferences. Pris introduced me to a reliable builder, alleviating my stress and effectively communicated our needs when challenges arose. She was mindful of the budget, balancing statement pieces with supportive elements to highlight what was important. Pris provided invaluable support throughout the entire process, including shopping, ensuring that every detail was perfect. She transformed my project into an insightful, creative, and joyful experience. I cannot thank her enough for her dedication and exceptional work.

E. Richmond

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